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What do folks say?


These thoughts are from clients who have experienced Scott's healing both inside and outside the kitchen:

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Minister Agape International Truth Center

Scott’s (Chef "S's") cuisine literally sizzles with radiant life energy! His attunement with the healing properties of food provides a purposeful yet playful backdrop for a conscious dining experience by which every body cell drinks in vitality, and every heart cell opens to a palate of inner and outer sensory delight.

Joad Puttermilch

Founder Sujok America Acupuncture

Scott Sayre (Chef "S") is an extraordinary chef. You can feel the healing energy and the power of the seasons inside his cooking. What is also exceptional is the taste of the food. He is aware of the five transformations of energy as he cooks food that is best for the season and the condition of the person who he is cooking for.


Scott uses the latest in scientific nutritional information, which he blends with a sweet and thoughtful soul to create splendid food that gently awakens the taste and health of his diners/clients. He is easy to work with, an excellent teacher, and is very well versed in traditional Japanese/Chinese systems of thought.

It pleases me greatly to describe the talented Mr. Scott Sayre to you as a macrobiotic chef extraordinaire. With a masterful finesse and ability nothing short of culinary expertise, his meals are exquisite.


In each creative expression of a well trained master chef, Scott creates such sumptuously gourmet macrobiotic feasts that one can always detect his finely orchestrated, truly conscious style of spicy blends in soothing and yet energetically stimulating culinary creations. Scott is a unique nutritional healer with nearly “alchemical” recipes that surpass any I have ever had the privilege of enjoying.


Whether dining on his entrees made of fresh and locally grown vegetables and powerfully nutritious grains, or his protein rich legume soups, salads, smoothies, cookies, cakes or breads, it’s always a wonderfully exciting surprise to taste Scott’s next big one-of-a-kind dish. You have to try everything he makes because each masterpiece will astound your the senses with designer foodie qualities. All


Scott’s dishes are uniquely balanced and artistically created to provide those very fortunate nothing short of a fantastic feast you’ll never forget.

Edmundo Alvarez

I am the co-owner of Elsa’s Bakery, a community-based café and bakery. Recently Scott Sayre did a class for us about Oriental Facial Diagnosis. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was thoroughly delighted with what the class offered to the customers who attended. Scott is a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker who comes at nutrition from a very different angle. He has thoroughly studied ancient Japanese/Macrobiotic healing philosophy about food, and his presentation made understanding the concepts easy to follow and enjoyable. 


He helped my customers to use their own faces as guides for understanding what is going on inside their system.  He seems to be remarkably accurate. All those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the class, and even requested that he do a follow-up cooking class.

Scott was a delight to have teach in my café/bakery and is an expert in what he teaches about. I wasn’t expecting to, but I learned a lot, myself.  I encourage you to listen to Scott when he talks about health and especially together with food.  

Mauria - Student

Scott Sayre’s Conscious Cooking Class was indeed a lesson in consciousness, in the preparation, cooking and eating of food.  We learned how to make five entrees and 1 condiment, all of which were macrobiotic, vegetarian, healthy and delicious.

Consciousness, the theme of the cooking class was evident as Scott carefully regarded each vegetable as if it were sacred.  His kinship with these vegetables was palpable as he show us how to peel and cut them, respecting the structure, texture and energy of the vegetable itself.

We learned how to use a sharp knife consciously, with two techniques for safe cutting and chopping.  We were also shown how to peel and chop a “tearless” onion, and how to use a pressure cooker.

When it came time to eat we were reminded that each food was a gift to enhance our health, and we gave thanks.  Indeed, each vegetable, seed, root and grain used in these dishes are powerful therapeutic foods, useful for such conditions as hypo/Diabetes, and with properties such as blood purification and rebuilding.

From Scott’s example I am learning to be more conscious of the foods I prepare and eat.  I now realize that if I turn in to them more fully these foods will provide more healing energy and nutrients to me.  We will, in fact, be in partnership in achieving and maintaining my good health.

I learned a lot in Scott’s Conscious Cooking Class and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in health and self-healing.

Virgie True "yogalicious"

There is magic in this book. It's different. It's going to feed you, teach you, and heal you. I keep trying to define it as something other than a cookbook; a lifestyle book, perhaps. It contains affirmations and prayers, after all, which I've never seen in any other collection of recipes. Ultimately, though, Scott Sayre truly believes in cooking and presents the act as a metaphor for living in harmony with the earth.


Does the word harmony turn you off? Then don't get this book. It's singularly spiritual, but in a very practical way. As Sayre presents food, it simply makes sense to slow down and enjoy everything you are smelling, touching, seeing, tasting, feeling, hearing, and eating. It's a gentle book; relaxing, like a zephyr through your hair, that calls to mind Kathy Hinoji [Kathy Cooks Naturally].

But there's an underlying intensity that is surprisingly balls out and seductive. This isn't raw food, people. Hip Hop Sushi expects you to get involved with your food and sometimes that means heat. Make no mistake, Scott Sayre has a passionate relationship with food and he gives us total access to this intimacy.


He's kind of a twenty-first century Julia Child, in that respect; utterly unafraid to be publicly inspired by his own culinary lust. The recipes are off the beaten path, but not totally unfamiliar. Sayre has deep background and skills, but manages to restrain himself from overwhelming someone with less food confidence. It's inviting and not a bit intimidating. Those of you who have seen it all, however, will likely be impressed by this novel approach and some awesome recipes. A few of my favorite headings: Creating Syrup From Almost Any Kind of Juice; Baby, You Upset Me; Buttercup Squash with Quinoa and Chestnuts. And here's an affirmation to keep: We cannot fight while we chew. 

Jonah - Musician

 Scott embodies what we should all embody: pure love. He believes we are here to help each other and spread love, simply be the light and spread the light. He is making a huge impact right downtown in Skid Row, healing and setting people free through food and music.


I’m really grateful because he basically took me under his wing and his helping me find these secrets to healing through music and food, something I have been trying to do for a while.


I’m a musician and I want to specifically heal people with sound, and  Scott has given me a platform to doing exactly that, play music in Skid Row and help people find freedom and happiness in the present moment.


He knew I was lacking the fire element in my diet and gave me an amazing recipe and every single spice is intentional. He goes off of traditional Chinese medicine, based on the 5 elements, earth, fire, water, metal and wood.


Not only is Scott an incredible Chef and Healer, he is an amazing musician with an incredible ear. We sat down at the piano together and he gave me a totally new and different approach to playing and healing through music. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and Scott is giving me life tools that I can use forever.

Bara Byrnes

Scott Sayre is like a magician with food. He is absolutely brilliant in his ability to use food to heal wounded parts of the self.  After meeting me just a couple times, he prepared a diet of foods that will help me feel at my best. I’m not talking about just a simple list, but a complete package: the vitamins, minerals and something called the amino acids (which I’m still not sure what that really is) found in each of the foods he listed, even beyond that he told me which of the internal organs or conditions each of the foods addressed. 



But just as important and beyond that, his cooking is absolutely the best I’ve tasted.  He has a deep relationship to a spiritual core which allows him to bring the best and highest energy into whatever he cooks.  


I had a party where he cooked for high-profile friends Each person was so delighted by his food that I had a deluge of texts the next day about this special man and the out of this world taste of his creations.  


Don’t walk, run when Scott cooks to the front of whatever line it takes.  Give yourself the sweet gift of his cooking, his healing prowess, and the presence he brings to each and every person who dines on his food.

Mauria - Student

There exists an intellectual approach to nutritional science, which is paramount to creating food which is healing for the body.  That alone is cold and sterile.  


When combined with a heart space connection to the knowledge, expressed through a love, reverence, and respect for the individual ingredients of each plant, which gives its life-force energy in sacrifice to heal the human body.  


That is a gift and a rare quality a chef who acts as a doctor, possess to heal ailments through real food which alights the taste buds and the cellular structure in joyous receiving of a cure.  


For thousands of years human beings have thrived through the healing powers of real plant based food.  Scott Sayre is that immensely rare combination of heart and mind of a chef-medicine man- to cure and heal the body and soul of ailments through his masterful understanding of ingredients which are delectable and good for you. Yummy.  

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