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Examining Our Stress and Overwhelm

Ten Questions


  1. Have you ever felt trapped and hopeless because of the way you eat? 

  2. Have you ever wanted to give up everything because of your weight? 

  3. Have you ever wanted to change the way you eat, in fact knew that you had to stop for your health, but were unable to? 

  4. Have you tried every diet you’ve found, only to relapse after a difficult emotional event? 

  5. Did you ever want to disappear because of the way you have felt about the amount of sugar or food you were eating? 

  6. Have you said to yourself, this is it, this is the last time, one last binge, then I’ll start dieting? 

  7. Have you ever felt broken and without hope? 

  8. Have you ever ate a huge meal and passed out, (taken a nap because you ate so much?) 

  9. Have you ever thought, I can’t lose weight because I had too difficult a start? 

  10. Have you ever thought life was unfair because there were so many who seemed to be able to eat whatever they wanted and not gain weight and, well… when you did that… You know the rest!


If you can answer yes to more than 4 this video should give you hope!

((You are not alone))​


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What to Expect

A Reasonable Approach 


A Community that supports you!

We know how lonely change can be. That is why our design always includes helping you become part of a community that gets you. 

Whether it be friends, family, or new acquaintances, we recognize your need for a supportive tribe. 


A food plan specifically for you.

Using the best in modern technology coupled with traditional wisdom, we 

come up with a food plan just for you not off the shelf, but with your exact challenges and strengths.


Support with Classes

Of course we offer classes, design around more than just which foods to eat. We look at the healing properties of your food, and design around any problematic areas that you might be struggling with. You get 2 classes with a month subscription.

Chef S teaches you self-sufficiency coupled with delicious taste!


Batch Cooking

Each week we will encourage you to batch cook your meals for the week. As a support in doing this, you will get a container of food each week, specifically designed with your goals in mind. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

323 485-3121

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