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Foods to Make Distance Running/Exercise Easier

Chef S Runs The Marathon
Tips on Foods/Diet

Of course, the day before the Marathon is its own beast. But what about the day to day meal prep and foods to enjoy. And I do mean, enjoy. Who wants to run long distances and come home to a boring, and frankly, nasty plate of ill-tasting nonsense. Not me, and I'm guessing, not you either.

That is why Chef S. has devised the Marathoners' meals. Based upon your taste palate and ability to create the right meals for yourself, in a supporting running and culinary community. He consults with you about the foods you can and will eat, and their preparation, If you want more details look at the bottom of the Lose Weight tab.


Our Mission

I know just a little bit about running the marathon. For me, it's from the first hand experience of running nine marathons starting at age sixty. That's with a kidney function of 35 GFR/roughly percent, having arthritis of 4 toes, running bone on pavement due to having no padding under my feet where the foot strikes the ground. 

I know one thing, and that is, if I can do it, so can you! Together, we can overcome any obstacle!

It is my privilege to offer you support with a food plan that will make it easier for you to run!



It's simple, let's come together to heal our limited thinking, and restore the vision that we as humans are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! (Supermen and Superwomen.)

((Translation: to achieve what seems impossible.))

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