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Dr. Michael Beckwith

Scott’s (Chef "S's") cuisine literally sizzles with radiant life energy! 

Tina Moody

His knowledge and kindness to each student goes beyond all aspects of professionalism and experience.

Joad Puttermilch

Scott Sayre (Chef "S") is an extraordinary chef. You can feel the healing energy and the power of the seasons inside his cooking. What is also exceptional is the taste of the food.

Yolanda C. Calle

Scott is a unique nutritional healer with nearly “alchemical” recipes that surpass any I have ever had the privilege of enjoying.

Edmundo Alvarez

He has thoroughly studied ancient Japanese/Macrobiotic healing philosophy about food, and his presentation made understanding the concepts easy to follow and enjoyable. 

Mauria Browne

Scott Sayre’s Conscious Cooking Class was indeed a lesson in consciousness, in the preparation, cooking and eating of food.  

Virgie True

He's kind of a twenty-first century Julia Child, in that respect; utterly unafraid to be publicly inspired by his own culinary lust. 

Jonah Spear

 Scott embodies what we should all embody: pure love. He believes we are here to help each other and spread love, simply be the light and spread the light. He is making a huge impact right downtown in Skid Row, healing and setting people free through food and music.

Bara Byrnes

Scott Sayre is like a magician with food. He is absolutely brilliant in his ability to use food to heal wounded parts of the self. 

Scott Stechel

He took me through the fine art of using the Knife in cutting the vegetables and the fish and here he was like a zen master. This is meditation in action!

Karen Wanke

My cooking has truly been awakened since I have added prayer/meditation to my cooking, in addition to adding Scott's creative cooking class ideas! 

Clark Sayre
Brother, Writer, Director, Singer

Scott Sayre lives life creatively, zestfully and lovingly. Behind all his many accomplishments is his heart for family, friends, kids, the dispossessed, the unhealthy, the spiritually thirsty and the hopeless. Scott’s passion, drive and commitment is an inspiration to the thousands whose lives he’s touched.

He’s masterful at balancing positive affirmations with constructive suggestions to help those around him reach their maximum potential.

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