There comes a point when you have seen enough and must do something.

This happened for me when I went downtown and walked the streets of Skid Row.

There, what I witnessed has changed me forever. It told me that we are one people and that suffering of the one is felt by the many.

After walking there I walked back to the bus through the fashion district, through the jewelry district, nearly to the financial district. It was as breathtaking in its own way as was the walk through skid row. The difference between the two experiences got me asking questions:

Is this all the same country?

What have I, personally, and as a member of the white race done to contribute to this?

What can I do?

I walked like this for days on end.

I came to this.


We live in the most prosperous country in the world, and the disadvantage of this is that we protect our wealth like tightfisted little children, holding on, not sharing. At least this is what I saw in myself. What could amends be then..

I am married and the first and longest vow I have ever taken, so I couldn't give all my wealth to the poor (I admit a first instinct.) What I could give is my time, my skills, and draw in other like minded people who wanted to  share in their own way(s). 

I have been blessed with skills as a chef/healer and a writer. I could contribute these, and bring in other artists to support people in an under-served community.  I studied both cooking and the Oriental healing arts, and have brought them together in a healing cooking practice. I could bring these skills to teach to cook to give skills that might lift those I/we touch to lead prosperous and fulfilling lives.

I could help a street poet I met to get published (you'll hear the start of his epic poem on the next page.)  

I have more questions than I have answers, but hope that you can join me in extending an American Dream to those who have lived in the shadows long enough.  

Come, let's dream together..

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